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There are a rising number of platforms and channels available to get the word out. However, emails persist as a popular tool for small businesses to do so. 

In fact, it remains the primary driver of client retention and acquisition. Here’s what data and studies say:

  • Email is the primary customer acquisition channel for 81% of small businesses.
  • 80% of them use email marketing for customer retention.

Those figures are huge! Furthermore, email marketing puts small business owners in a uniquely favourable position. It provides them the window to gain credibility from local customers much more quickly, and establish their reputation and authority in the market.

But what’s the starting point of email marketing for small business owners?

Sending out a slew of unrelated promotional emails without a strategy is never a good idea. Well-thought-out email marketing campaigns with regular tracking and tweaking of the campaign workflows will give the desired results over time.

It is necessary to play a different game with email campaigns - it might mean the difference between people connecting with your business and those frantically adding your email address to their spam folder.

Why Email Marketing is Important for Small Business: Its Benefits Speak for Itself

Email marketing has an astounding success rate. Studies and surveys show that emails are the most preferred channel of engagement (77%) for people, throughout their customer journey. Consequently, emails help small businesses to make connections, nurture them, and capitalize them. It provides them with an incentive to remain in touch with those connections even after they have left the sales cycle.


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Almost Zero Risk of Failure

As a small business, you can't afford to fail. Furthermore, you need a tool that won't break the bank either. You'll need a marketing solution that is sure-shot capable of delivering results. Email marketing does exactly that. It has a 4,400% massive return on investment.

Enhanced Customer Retention

Email is one of the most effective tools for building and maintaining long-term consumer relationships. Emails can help small businesses in motivating a customer to make a second purchase and far beyond. Customers who return are vital to small businesses since it lowers the average cost of obtaining a new customer. Small businesses can leverage email marketing to fuel consistent engagement with their clients.

Build Productive Connection with New Customers

Email marketing provides you abundant gizmos to deliver relevant content to connect with your fresh leads and new clients. Emails provide you an undisturbed territory to communicate one-on-one with your customers.

Emails empower you to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. This implies that you're in front of your audience on a frequent basis, ensuring that your brand is always on top of their mind.

Establish an Unmatched Brand Identity

Email marketing strategies that are well-planned and executed will put your company's brand at the forefront. With email marketing, you can reach a larger audience and engage more readily with those who appreciate and value your brand, throughout the year.

Accelerate the Sales

Although email marketing is undeniably an effective marketing technique, it can also help you increase sales. Use the email campaigns to highlight your products, services, send lucrative offers to urge customers to buy after abandoning their carts. You can also avail of email marketing to automate a fragment of your sales process, ultimately boosting sales.

A Win-Win Situation for Both

Your customers aren't all the same, and a one-size-fits-all strategy isn't going to cut it. Use your email solutions for small businesses to emphasize to your clients that they are distinct and that they add value to your company.

You might not be able to give out freebies to your clients as a small business, but a little something auxiliary can go a long way. Email personalization is the best way to do it. Rewarding your consumers is a kind deed, and it's also a terrific way to expedite campaign efforts and goals. Both the parties win!

Third-party Gatekeepers Have No Impact on Emails

One of the most important benefits of email marketing is that it is not prone to the uncertainties of centralised platforms, where unanticipated algorithm changes can entirely ruin a marketing channel.

Make Headway for Small Business with Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Setting marketing and email campaign goals is crucial - if you skip this, you'll end up with a lot of ambiguity and inaccurate cluttered data while assessing the performance.

Here is a compilation of important email marketing ideas to aid in the development of your email strategy - whether you are developing a new one or going back to the drawing board with your existing email marketing techniques.

Build a Quality Email List

Capture the contact details of your site visitors through forms. Specify what visitors may expect when they give you their information and convince them that the material you'll supply will be of instant benefit to them. The goal is to generate high-quality leads who are intrigued by your products and services.

Furthermore, regularly clean these contact data and the email lists using list cleaning services. This will keep your email list updated and refined.

Select the Right Email Type & Email Content

Sending unnecessary or inappropriate emails is a certain way to misuse email as a marketing tool. Choosing the right type of email is important to hit the bull’s eye.

  • Lifecycle or Triggered Emails: these emails - autoresponder or drip email campaigns - are best in building your brand image as a swift service provider. Use email automation to send these emails based on the user’s action. These emails have the capacity to largely influence customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Promotional Emails: email newsletters, special offers, and new launches’ emails are great ways to raise awareness about your brand’s progress and novel initiatives. Carefully think about your underlying objective, offer, and subscriber segment before sending them.
  • Transactional Emails: payment confirmation, invoice emails, and other transactional emails are more functional in nature. These have almost double the open rate when compared to non-transactional emails. Transactional emails aren't just expected; they're sought after. They are sought after by customers. Because transactional emails have such a high level of engagement, you shouldn't compromise on their quality.

Every minute copy or content of your email should boast value to the customer and should be relevant at the same time. Studies show that relevant emails (55%) overtook those featuring discounts and offers (53%) as the primary reason for appreciating brand messages.

Create an email subject line that catches the reader’s attention instantly and compels them to open the email. Keep the email body content crisp, clean, and free from any fluff. The same goes for the CTA copy and its placement.

Optimise for Mobile Applications: Make sure the email components - content, graphics, and CTAs - are properly formatted to guarantee that all information is accessible regardless of which device it is accessed on. You cannot afford to miss any slightest chance of lead conversion just because your email wasn't designed to work across a range of platforms.

The time and day at which you send marketing emails greatly affect the email open rates. Carefully schedule the calendar for your email campaigns in alignment with your audience demography, behaviour, and your business niche.

A/B Testing

Today, 14% of marketers say they don't undertake any email testing, which is a critical component of any marketing program's ability to gain knowledge and evolve. A/B testing allows you to reliably send high-performing emails after testing specific email content, design, and CTAs with a smaller proportion of subscribers. You can study the performance metrics to see which email worked better in terms of engagement or sales.

Methodically Focus on the Three Growth Multipliers

Email marketing potentially provides a workable way to escape the acquisition rut since it can persuade all three growth multipliers simultaneously:

  • Auto-triggered emails can automatically promote high-value services or products to the customers after they make a purchase. 
  • Abandoned carts and automated welcome emails can boost conversion rates.
  • Win-back emails can augment a customer’s purchase cycle.
Your Turn to Hit the Send Button!

One of the best aspects of email marketing for small business is that it's a low-risk channel to try out while you're just getting started with a small business. Begin by selecting the best email marketing software for small business, develop a basic email list and launch your first email campaign. Replay, until you have a comprehensive strategy in place.