Bulk Email Marketing: Key Features that You Cannot Perform Without

Bulk email marketing saves a lot of time and effort, specifically when you are looking to scale your business or reach. Indeed, when the right features of a bulk email marketing service are in action, this task becomes even more smooth and streamlined.

There is more to bulk email marketing than just sending emails in large numbers to a huge target audience. It provides the opportunity to single-handedly address a large group of contacts having the same pain points or needs. One thing is common about these contacts - they have discovered and are pretty well aware of your brand. So, with the right bulk emailing features in hand, you can tailor the email to have a universal appeal and send it to the entire contact list. Furthermore, you may assess the amount of engagement of the audience to a greater extent.

Having a keen eye on the features of bulk email marketing services while choosing from different options will lend a helping hand to ensure email deliverability and a good sending reputation.

Use this Checklist of Features to find the Best Bulk Email Marketing Tool

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Excellent Deliverability

Sending bulk emails carries a number of risks, including tarnishing the sender's reputation, being designated as spam, and being blacklisted. Therefore, double-check the bulk email service provider's email delivery rates.

Email List Segmentation

Creating segments of contacts is very essential for building tailored campaigns. Any email marketing service that allows extensive list segmentation further ensures that the right email reaches the right person.

Opt for a bulk emailing solution that enables segmenting subscriber lists according to several criteria like - their position in the marketing funnel, demography, psychographic, actions taken by the subscribers, their persona/interests, purchase history, online activity, behavioural patterns towards emails and others alike criteria.


Effective segmentation paves the path for successful email personalisation.

  • Deliver targeted personalised experience at every touchpoint in the email.
  • Boost the engagement and retention rates, as around 67% of customers await personalised communication from business brands they have subscribed to.
  • Easily create personalised emails for different scenarios: win-back, re-engagement, retention, growth, or promotional campaigns.

Handy Email Builder Tools

A user-friendly tool like a drag-and-drop email builder makes creating on-brand emails for bulk marketing campaigns a breeze.

  • Simply select and rearrange the various parts of the email template, saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Manoeuvre the various sections around in the email template to find the ideal flow as per the contact list's character and campaign objective.
  • Add numerous creative elements to the emails without any trouble.

Analytical Features

Bulk email services should have analytical interfaces providing access to extensive email campaign metrics to thoroughly understand the actual success of campaigns. The more data on multiple metrics available, the better - improved tracking of user behaviour and increased revenue per email and per contact.


Automation gives you the complete power to throttle the email campaigns - how many emails, which emails, and at what time the emails will go to which contact list - control everything in an automated manner.

  • Eliminate repetitive processes.
  • Automatic nurturing of the contacts.
  • Remove the guesswork - as automation makes it easy to track each subscriber's stage in their customer journey and send the relevant email.

Readymade Email Templates

The benefit of having a handy email template is that it serves as a smooth starting point. It can be conveniently tailored to your specific requirements. Furthermore, they ensure that you are using the best email practices.

Activate and Mobilise a Wider Audience with Best Bulk Email Marketing Practices

Send Emails to only ‘Opted-in’ Contacts 

The best practice is to send bulk emails to only that email list that has contacts who have signed up and subscribed to receive your emails. Make sure that you have a list of super-active contacts who are genuinely interested in listening to what you have to say.


  • Compliance with anti-spam laws.
  • Increased and long-lasting engagement and deliverability rates.
  • Reputation and credibility building amongst the audience.
  • Minimise the possibilities of getting marked as spam either by the contacts or by the internet service provider.
  • Cost-effective, time-efficient and scalable way to reach a wider target group.

Email List Cleanliness & Management

Sending emails to bad addresses  - like erroneous, outdated, inactive - results in high bounce rates. This leads to a self-reinforcing loop that can sabotage your marketing efforts and lose your prospects. So keeping your lists clean pays off in spades.

It's also crucial to managing your email lists. You may safeguard your deliverability without sacrificing subscribers by moving rarely engaged subscribers to a different list that receives emails less frequently.


  • High engagement rates, as people receive emails relevant to their needs or interests.
  • Refines your most valuable asset - contact lists.
  • Keeps you connected with the right and actively engaged contacts.

Relevant and Value-adding Email Content

The most unique selling point of bulk email marketing is that it has the power to influence a large number of people through the same email. Thus, it makes it all the more important to create emails that have that ‘Universal Appeal’ - no matter which part of the world your email goes to, it must be able to connect with each recipient of the selected contact list.


  • Cultivate a loyal customer base.
  • Reduction in the customer churn rates, as they only receive to-the-purpose emails.
  • Higher return on investment.

Target to Optimise Everything for Mobile Devices

Create mobile-optimised and responsive emails, as the majority of the people first access the emails over their mobiles and then on other devices. Optimise each component of the email and its design in a way that makes the email easy to open and read on any screen size.


  • Enhanced accessibility of the emails.
  • Better user experience - each part of the email performs its intended task.
  • Boost the readability and receptivity rates of the emails.

Split Test

A/B test the emails before sending them for bulk email marketing campaigns. This will help to identify - if the subject line is too long? Is the preview text coherent with the email body and subject line? Are the CTAs impactful and in tandem with the campaign, objective to drive the desired action? Thereafter, review the email for content, layout, and design.


  • Understand which email resonates the most with the contact lists.
  • Determine the winning combination of email copy, CTAs, design, and subject line.
  • Higher conversion rates and better content engagement.

Let your IP Stretch (Warm-up)

Warming up your IP is important to gain a positive sender reputation while executing bulk email campaigns. Smart IP warming tactics help you to gradually build your reputation and increase the chances of your email getting delivered to the intended inbox.


  • Prove your credibility and worthiness to the internet service provider.
  • Safeguard different IPs from the negative impact that low-engagement contacts have on deliverability.
  • Minimise the smallest possibility of getting flagged as spam.

Summing it all up! 

Choosing a bulk emailing provider for marketing campaigns is a crucial task, since the ease with which you can create and send bulk email campaigns and their success are all dependent on this decision. The bulk email marketing tool’s features should be able to increase the flexibility of campaigns along with providing insightful data on their success rates. Having access to the intuitive bulk emailing features help in a lot of other ways:

  • Time-saving : No need for manual segmentation, personalization or heavy automation.
  • Optimisation capability: Test and tweak emails for different email templates, designs, delivery timing, and emailing frequency.
  • Best inbox placement: Blacklist monitoring tools, dedicated IP, and custom domains features of bulk emailing service ensure high deliverability as well as high sender reputation.